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Get to Know What are Cutting Sticks





There is a very important component of the paper cutter that will ensure it to work that way it should and these are the cutting sticks. These components should be of top quality usually made from polyurethane, and very necessary to align and correct the paper stock with the blades in order to make an accurate cut up to the last sheet.


When buying a stack paper cutter, usually you will see the term cutting sticks. These sticks are described as long pieces of plastic that are rectangular in shape and their lengths vary depending on the size of the paper cutter. Being a critical part of a stack cutter, Three Knife Cutting Sticks therefore have their functions and purpose.


Know that there are 4 sides of a cutting stick that is made of plastic. These sticks are situated in a grove on the bottom of the cutter, and it is where the cutting blade of the stack cutter will rest after the cut is made. Made from durable plastic material, these sticks are designed to last from hundreds to thousands of cuts before being replaced or rotated.


The cutting sticks play a very important role in the cutting process and could help in producing cuts that are clean. The placement of the cutting blade is in the Guillotine Cutting Sticks leading to a proper and clean cut, with the blade making it through every sheet even to the last bottom. It is because of the cutting stick that the blade has something to rest on and thus the cut is completed.


The life of the paper cutter blade is prolonged or made longer with the aid of the cutting sticks and also the sticks prevent the blade to be dull. This is because the impact of the blade's force is absorbed by the sticks while the structure is maintained. Through this durable design, cutting blades can afford to last hundreds and thousands of cuts before you can replace or rotate it.


You will notice that the cutting sticks are already worn out when the last 1 to 2 pages are not being cut all the way through. Be aware that each stick is rotated a total of 8 times before you replace the stick. You can use each side of the blade 2 times since the blade does not rest exactly in the middle of a cutting stick.  When all sides of the cutting stick have been used and worn out, then it is time to replace them. Note that cutting sticks are not expensive and are sold in big volume so you can save on it. To learn more about cutting sticks, visit http://www.dictionary.com/browse/knife?s=t.